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Industries We Serve & Assist

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Real Estate

Commercial and residential real estate both benefit from aerial views in their listing, and we are here to facilitate that. MLS statistics claim that properties featuring aerial photos sell 68% faster! Additionally, we assist home inspectors and appraisers with inspections- no more need to to spend costly hours climbing on top of a house to ensure a job well done.


We believe farming is the backbone of the United States, and we are here to help. Farmland is vast and an eye in the sky gives an efficient diagnosis of the status of crops and/or location of livestock.


Logging jobs are no small feet,  and not for the faint of heart. We aim to make that heavy load just a bit more manageable.  Whether your need is progress reporting or getting eyes on the job you are bidding while on the road, our aerial views are here to make your life easier!


Roof inspections, cell tower inspections, and more! The sky is the limit. If its high and difficult to access, we are here to help.  Let us save you time, money, and stress by sending our little eagle up to check out the problem.


Utilize our unique angles to showcase your company's brightest features. Use the photos and videos to increase your websites prowess or present your progress report in the boardroom.


Idaho's thunderstorms and hail can wreak havoc on more than the hood of your car! Utilize our aerial inspection services to do a quick once-over on solar panels and windmills after a storm, or to proactively isolate a potential problem.


Track the progression of projects you're working on or commissioned like never before. Use our aerial photos and video to check on certain phases of a project or map out a location during the planning process.  They say a picture holds a thousand words- promote your business with a thousand words from the sky in one swoop. 


Property damage is monumental, both literally and emotionally. Let us share the burden of that stress by snapping aerial shots of all damage done- in one swoop. We serve insurance companies and individuals.

Special Projects & Events

We want to support you in all of your endeavors. Whether you want to remember your wedding venue for ages to come or have a unique issue you think we can help solve, we are here for you. Lets create a plan tailored to your needs!