About Us

Family Owned & Operated

Based in Idaho County

Our Mission:

We are family owned and operated, based out of Idaho County. Our company motto is Soaring Together because we believe in unity and empowerment. We strive to bring this enthusiasm into everything we do. Many hands make light work and we are here to empower our community.

Meet the Pilot

Autumn Eells is an accomplished aviation professional. Since discovering her passion for the skies in 2017, she has done everything from instructing aspiring commercial pilots to working on jets and turbine aircraft. As a multiple scholarship winner she was able to obtain her Private Pilot's License. She then discovered the capabilities of drone technology and was enthralled and astounded. After immediately obtaining her Part 107 Commercial Drone License in 2019, she is now our chief pilot having experience with a wide range of aircraft, both autonomous and manned.

Our Equipment

We utilize DJI's newest drone the Mavic 3! With our 90 minutes of combined flight time, 360 degrees of obstacle avoidance, and Hasselblad 4/3 CMOS camera we are more than capable of getting your job done in the safest manner possible.